Space Weather Alerts

Official alerts from NOAA and IPS. Data compilation by N0NBH.

Solar Activity

Solar X-Rays. Activity reports. Pictures of the Sun. Solar flux index and sunspots.

Sun-Earth interaction

Solar wind and Interplanetary Magnetic field (IMF). Magnetopause status.

Solar Radiation Storms

"S" alerts from NOAA. Solar Proton Events (SPE) monitors.

Geomagnetic Storms

"G" alerts from NOAA. Kp index. Ap index. Dst index.

Ionosphere Status

Grade of ionization. Total electron content (TEC) maps.

Radio Communications

Spectrum monitors, absorption in the HF band, ionograms, foF2 (NVIS), MUF(3000), grey line.


Aurora oval. Aurora borealis and aurora australis forecasts.


Bulletins from NASA, NOAA, ESA and IPS about Space Weather and HF radio.

About ...

About the HF and Space Weather Mobile Panel.

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